Hi, my name is Emily.  I am 31 years old and I am a wife and mom of two handsome boys.   
I recently started this blog after years of enjoying other beauty, product and mummy blogs. 
I mostly write about things I like and products I have purchased and tips and opinions on parenting. I also make YouTube videos which is very scary but fun.
This blog will also be a nice way to record events that happen in our lives (a bit like a diary) for my sons.  It is such a cliché but time really does go so quickly when you have children and I just wish there was a pause button to soak up every little moment with them.  I hope that this blog can help capture our moments and that one day our boys can look back at some of them and know how much they are loved.
Thank you to everyone who reads my blogs, watches my videos and comments etc. I’m really grateful and would love to hear from you xx


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